For the Business

Capability Analytics or Workforce Capacity Planning helps organisations to identify operational gaps, deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses they may have in their wrokforce skills across all divisions or departments.

The individual insight multiplies to provide in-depth intelligence and insight at team, department and company level, supporting strategic and tactical decision making to optimise workforce performance.

This ensures that the right skills, knowledge and experience can be available to deliver not only the business objectives, but also the lasting capability and culture changes required in a business to keep achieving efficiently and effectively, now and into the future.

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Business Benefits

We provide boardrooms with the insight and wisdom to deliver a more strategic impact across an organisation, through:

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  • Increasing efficiency, effectiveness and reducing costs
  • The intelligence required to qualify business-critical internal appointments, fulfil business critical roles internally and focus on recruiting the best candidates
  • Effecting positive change in both capability and the relationship between managers and individuals
  • Understanding the capability of best performers vs others – so you can replicate your best employees
  • Precise talent identification, role by role across the organisation
  • Proactive career and succession planning for individuals and teams
  • Enhancing the quality of job application through external awareness of innovative career development approaches
  • Compliance with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record keeping
  • Reduced attrition through more effective internal engagement programmes with failsafe feedback mechanisms
  • Highly accurate qualification of what training is needed and where. Then better delivery and outcomes through more specific coaching and mentoring frameworks
  • Reduced cost of training courses
  • Delivering the means to change existing cultures and create a development culture