At Pobi we have lots of hands on experience helping large corporates and SME organisations capitalise on the challenges and opportunities they face. Pobi focuses on making organisations world class operators with an engaged and capable workforce, united behind a clear purpose, enabled by the right tool set and processes.

People Focus

What it's like to work for you

  • Colleague engagement 
  • Culture transformation
  • Unlocking the internal crowd
  • Learning, development and growth
  • Succession and talent 
  • Performance management impact appraisal
  • Organisational design
  • KPIs & OLIs

Customer Focus

What it's like to work with you

  • Segmentation strategy
  • Proposition development
  • End to end customer experience design
  • Distribution strategy

We use a simple proven methodology to deliver a clear, pragmatic, action oriented plan in order to deliver tangible change and value as quickly as possible.

  • Assess – What are we trying to do and where are we now?
  • Analyse – What’s working, what’s not and why?
  • Act – What are the key actions and activities required to make a step change?