Pobi for the Individual

At an individual level, POBI is a personal career trainer, educating and motivating individuals on the capability changes required for them to excel in their current and future roles across an organisation, putting them in the driving seat of their professional development.

How does it work?

By assessing role competencies against the highest standards for current and future roles we can equip individuals and teams with the insight and tools to enhance required skills, so they can perform to the very best of their abilities, through:

  • A proactive, design led approach to equip individuals to be their best in all roles across a business and improving colleague engagement
  • A digital platform to empower individuals to own their professional growth, understand their strengths and development areas - against their current and future roles
  • An individual digital personal trainer to educate, motivate and provide relevant and effective sources of development to enable individuals to excel in current and future roles
  • Analysis to support the identification of strengths and priority development areas
  • Effective and timely development options through matching material to support long lasting behaviour change
  • Connecting you with experts across the organisation who can help you develop and identifies other developers who are learning in the same area
  • Providing a coaching framework to support managers and individuals to work together on growth and performance
  • Measurement to monitor and motivate the impact of any development programme