'Branson boxed'

Software entrepreneurs draw on genius Branson's 50 years of success to create a simple plan to boost creativity, innovation and productivity across all businesses

Two software entrepreneurs have drawn on the genius of Sir Richard Branson's 50 years of success with a simple plan to boost creativity, innovation and productivity across all businesses.

The Virgin boss has mesmerised the world for decades with his inspirational brand of leadership, allowing individuals to flourish with creativity and innovation - in a way that other firms have not been able to do.

Now entrepreneurial duo Ian Ormerod and Paul Burton, with 40 years of big business experience behind them have formed Pobi and developed a new software platform to help businesses emulate Branson's cultural success.

They want every business to be able to benefit from techniques of Branson, Apple and Google.

Ian, who has just quit his role as Managing Director of Design and Digital at Barclays, said: "Sir Richard is one of the best business people of all time, and Pobi gives all leaders and managers a simple way of getting Branson-style creativity and innovation to flourish. It is 'Branson boxed!'

"He manages to get all his people to be passionate, inspired and self-starting to boost the whole business. Similarly, Pobi helps to release the potential, productivity and profit out of all workers across all sizes of businesses."

Paul said: "If every business was run like Branson did it, there would be an economic boom. He released people to do better and be their best - that's what Pobi does via an interactive computer package."

Pobi software uses the latest 'people analytics' to give business leaders a diagnostic readout of every worker, then draws up plans to address the problems.

For more information and a demonstration of how it works see POBI on www.pobiltd.com, call or follow them on Twitter @PobiLtd and on Facebook facebook.com/pobiltd

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