Solving the Problem of Productivity

A NEW revolutionary 'people boosting' software package has been released to solve a crippling productivity crisis made worse by the introduction of the National Living Wage.

Entrepreneurs Paul Burton and Ian Ormerod have created start-up Pobi and developed a new software solution to find out the root cause of why firms aren't seeing high people productivity.

It comes as the National Living Wage is introduced to Britain which has sparked concerns in many businesses about the effect on productivity.

Paul and Ian have 40 years of experience in businesses across Britain. Ian has just quit his major role at Barclays in London to go full time in the project.

Paul said: "Productivity is a huge problem for firms, and especially in the light of the new National Living Wage. It is all about helping people to be better, brilliant, at their best.

"We have a simple but powerful solution to help out CEOs, Finance Directors and managers in all sizes of firms right across Britain.

"It helps leaders and managers to quickly identify why a business isn't succeeding like it should - their people - and then helps them to put it right."

Ian said: "People aren't robots but individuals. Pobi helps leaders and managers to release productivity by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and making both better. 

"Sadly most people aren't working to full capacity and potential in a business. That's why we set Pobi up. We help every worker to be at their best so everyone achieves more."

Pobi software uses the latest 'people analytics' to give business leaders a diagnostic readout of every worker, then draws up plans to address the problems.

For more information and a demonstration of how it works see Pobi on, call or follow them on Twitter @PobiLtd and on Facebook

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