Fed up business leader quits top role to launch unique software

Fed-up big business leader quits top global roles to launch 'world's first' software to fix a recurring business challenge costing billions in wasted investment and slashed profits.

A FED-UP big business leader has quit his top job with global giants Barclays to launch a 'world's first' software to boost profits of businesses and end the tragic waste of billions.

Ian Ormerod has quit his role as Managing Director of Design and Digital at Barclays to join business partner Paul Burton in Pobi to launch a unique software programme.

After 40 years combined in top firms, they are both fed up with the "lunacy" of pumping billions of pounds into training and developing staff that does not have any sustained impact to performance.

Instead, the Pobi programme helps leaders squeeze every single bit of potential out of workers. by allowing them to be assessed against what excellence looks like and target development activity to address the gaps.

The simple, intelligent Pobi programme releases the potential, productivity and profit out of all workers across all sizes of businesses.

Ian, also previously at AXA, said: "Things just aren't working and I have been seeing it for years. Billions is being wasted which will hit the economy at a time when it needs all the help it can get.

"All businesses are trying to drive up productivity and profits and realise how critical a role staff play, but are putting their money into ‘sheep dip’ training in a hierarchical management system that doesn't work.

POBI instead empowers people to take control of their development in a targeted, energising and impactful way.

"I've seen this in all types of businesses over the years. Leaders and managers blame a lack of skills or talent - but this is a symptom not the problem."

Pobi software uses the latest 'people analytics' to give business leaders a diagnostic readout of every worker, then draws up individual plans to address the problems in a positive engaging way.

Paul said: "Most businesses are stuck with a traditional approach to solving skills and talent shortage but most are dealing with symptoms and not causes. We set up Pobi to give individuals and businesses a better way!"

For more information and a demonstration of how it works see POBI on www.pobiltd.com, call or follow them on Twitter @PobiLtd and on Facebook at facebook.com/pobiltd

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