Euro 2016 Fever

As the Euros kick off in France, business leaders could take some advice from Roy Hodgson," by productivity expert Paul Burton

It's the footballing Euros this week, and I have a crafty feeling England could just bring home the title.

Of course, we all think we could do it better than the England manager, and I'm just the same.

But just consider this for a moment. None of the Euro's players where born with the skills they have now. Rooney, Rashford and co developed with 10000 hours and more of practice.

The bit that makes difference is the analysis of the areas of their game that they can improve. Managers and coaches work in partnership to make the players better with a whole host of factors which combines together to make a brilliant team. It's the skills, passion and drive that comes together to make them world class.

I’m sure there are many business leaders that will read this and think “oh no not another sports analogy”. If you're one of those, please don’t read on, keep doing what you do.

If not, imagine if you could emulate this in your business, imagine a workforce of passionate, motivated people whose infectious capability and energy add value to your customers and your business. What impact would this make to your income, costs and customers?

It's only by creating amazing partnerships with your people that you can achieve this. This is what is missing in many modern businesses. That's why we set up Pobi. To combine capability analysis and engagement tools and methodology in a neat box of tricks.

Good luck to England, Wales and Ireland!

Paul Burton is the MD of Pobi which has new software to help business leaders discover the root cause of why their firm isn't achieving 100% of its potential. or -

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