Boosting profits - The Steve Jobs way

New software aims to ease the work of businesses the way Steve Job's iPhone revolutionised it for play

A NEW software package is aiming to ease the work of businesses the way Steve Job's iPad revolutionised it for play.

Pobi's revolutionary software aims to quickly and easily release the happiness and potential productivity within all people in businesses across Britain, leading to rises in profits.

Its developers Paul Burton and Ian Ormerod have spent 40 years collectively helping businesses to find out the root cause of why their profits aren't booming - and have turned it into a simple computer program.

They have drawn on the inspiration of Steve Job's Apple products which have helped make life simpler for people.

Paul said: "Steve Jobs helped transform the entire world for everyone who uses his products such as the iPad, iPhone and iMac.

"In the same way, Pobi's software is the friend of every CEO, Finance Director and employee across Britain. It helps leaders and managers to quickly identify why a business isn't succeeding like it should, and then helps them to put it right.

Ian, who has just quit his role as Managing Director of Design and Digital at Barclays, said: "Steve Jobs was a genius. Our software aims to transform businesses they way he successfully changed the world for ordinary people."

Pobi's software uses the latest 'people analytics' to give business leaders a diagnostic readout of every worker, then draws up plans to address the problems - rather than throwing money at random solutions indiscriminately.

For more information and a demonstration of how it works see POBI on, call or follow them on Twitter @PobiLtd and on Facebook

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