The Certainty of Uncertainty

The certainty of uncertainty seems to cloud the UK business outlook currently. With the unknown consequences of Brexit, the markets riding a nausea inducing rollercoaster and a skills shortage across Britain, business leaders could be excused for wondering where the firm ground is for their feet?

Unfortunately for many businesses, this feeling of uncertainty is not entirely caused by uncontrollable forces. Staff performance and engagement across the UK is a consistent issue for managers, CEO’s and MD’s and there is often a common theme as to the root cause.

In medicine, it is easy to understand the difference between treating symptoms and curing the condition. A broken wrist, for example, really hurts! But painkillers will only take away the symptoms; you'll need a different treatment to help your bones heal properly.

In the 21st century, people are the greatest competitive advantage a business has. It is the unique passion, diversity and capability of your people that combine to deliver the success your business experiences. It is your people that construct your business strategy, design, develop and build your product, and it is your people that interface to the customer.  

It is these somewhat intangible soft skills of values, sales, service, interactions between internal functions, management and leadership that form the key skill sets that drive business performance and define its culture.

Most businesses are great at dealing with tangible issues in performance management.  I.e A sales person hits 4 out of 7 sales, or someone turns up at 9.15am rather than 9am. Unfortunately, managers are less equipped to talk about the root cause issues that impact performance. These less tangible issues becomes more complex to identify and resolve.

So how do you fix a problem if you don’t know what great looks like? If you don’t equip everyone with consistent and objective standards they are working to. You can’t identify and analyse what needs fixing.

There is a need for consistency from an objective view point that aids businesses to identify their collective standards. Every person within a company knowing together what they are aiming for, what is known as success, what standard they are pursuing. From the CEO to the managers and team leaders, right the way through to staff of all levels.

Identifying and developing each individuals capability unlocks their ability to implement the objective business standards and goals. Recognising and increasing an individuals desire by managing them individually maximises their value, improves their skills and impacts the motivation for the business as a whole.

How do you understand what needs fixing if you first don't know what ‘being fixed’ would look like? How can every person within a business be developed the same way? How can we expect success when we invest in a ‘sheep dip’ approach to change across businesses?

Of course, to agree with all this is to set yourself a seemingly impossible task. Individual management on a company wide scale? Dedicating time to staff development and engagement on an individual level is ominous task. 

Until you come across Pobi. The solution to the problems UK businesses face.

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