Is your performance development fit for the new world?

Do your employees have the right skills to deliver your current and future strategic ambitions? Are your managers good enough to manage? And do you really know who the talent is within your organisation or are you just promoting those that do well in their current position?

As someone who has experience of these burning issues, both in my role in performance development with AXA and latterly as a consultant, I wanted to do something about it. Together with my business partner Ian Ormerod, formerly head of global customer experience at Barclays, we have set about reinventing the way organisations undertake performance development by harnessing the power of technology.

Advances in new technologies, infrastructure and communications methods have created a new business world where the balance of power has shifted in favour of employees and customers as they now have greater choice, flexibility, convenience and opportunities to express their opinions than ever before. People development has been playing catch up with this new world.

That’s why our new digital platform has been designed to enable employees to self-drive their own performance against pre-defined benchmark standards, whilst providing the ability for your organisation to steer them effectively on their development journey.  It’s pre-programmed with best in class soft skills required to excel in business life that has been identified in top performing organisations; it means our platform will enable your organisation to compare itself against the very best in the business.

Staff can watch their progression at the touch of a button, share experiences and knowledge via a built-in social network and download a content of library related to every skill set that is included on the platform. 

Your HR team has complete visibility of performance development for individuals, departments and across the whole business, enabling decisive action to be taken where there are gaps in capability that affect the organisation's performance, and more importantly its strategic ambitions. Significantly, it provides you with the means to identify individuals, who are hidden gems and with a bit of fine tuning could become your stars in the future. 

Furthermore, by freeing up the time of your managers it enables them to concentrate on building and mentoring capability in their teams, and not doing the doing. We all know the saying that: “people leave managers and not organisations,” but it is also true that organisations have the managers they deserve as they don’t allow them sufficient time to manage effectively.

Technology is having a dramatic effect on all areas of the business – marketing, logistics and finance – the time has now come for performance development to benefit from its application.

Maven Consultancy