Stick or twist? - the Brexit skills dilemma

Today's the day that Article 50 is invoked. Addressing the skills gap has already been much talked about and will arguably be the major challenge for the business community.

So, the big question is: do we start thinking now about the capability sets within our organisations or do we wait for a clearer picture to emerge with regards to the movement of EU labour when the Brexit process begins? While it feels a bit like a game of stick or twist, business leaders cannot afford to ignore the risk posed by not taking any action now.

Those businesses that don’t have a plan are risking being left behind their competition who respond to this major challenge decisively.

So here are six tips to ensure your business is Brexit-proof when it comes to having the right skills and talent in place to ensure you develop, keep and attract the best people to maximise your competitiveness.

1.    Have a granular understanding of the capability set (knowledge, skills and behaviours) required to deliver your strategy at an organisation level and individual job expectation;

2.    Measure the reality of the capability set within your organisation;

3.    Put individuals in the driving seat to manage their own development by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses

4.    Put the right people in the right roles to optimise their capability

5.    Equip your managers to be the best in the business – remember people leave managers not businesses

6.    Put in place a plan to address the gaps, develop and recruit.

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