What businesses can learn from Candy Crush!

If you've ever played Candy Crush, you will know how many hours you can spend going through the motions. Game after game, moving pieces with little regard and either being tempted to spend money on special powers or asking for more lives.

Or you can focus brilliantly on every option, slow down every move and see the maze.

How much is that like people in business?

The here and now, the moves and activity that appear to show effort but cost you and don't deliver value.

U.K business needs to stop spending time, money and energy chasing activity and start creating value.

Sir David Brailsford coined the phrase "marginal gains", the small changes that create additional value.

What are your marginal gain opportunities?
What changes does employee 7 and 15 and 99 and, and, and need to make?
Do you know?
Do they?

Imagine everyone in your business knowing their role and equipped to do something about it!
That's where Pobi can help.

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