Why talent development strategy should follow the example of Harry Kane?

The fans’ chant is “He’s one of our own”. They’re singing about Harry Kane, Premier League and England football star. A rarity in today’s football mad world where players and managers frequently change teams, Kane is home-grown, and his employer is thriving on it.

And it’s something that UK plc is going to have to consider more with deglobalisation in the wake of Brexit and Trump’s trade protectionism stance, which many commentators predict will lead to intense competition for native talent.

So how can you ensure you identify, nurture and keep talent in your own organisation.

  • Create clarity and transparency – by defining the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours required to excel in each role.
  • Put individuals in the driving seat – by equipping employees to analyse their capability against their current/future roles and to self-select how to develop.
  • Know who your talent really are – high performers in a particular position are not necessarily your future talent – compare their areas of experience to other roles and promote sideways development opportunities to help them grow
  • Don’t lose sight of the forgotten middle – those who are not immediately apparent as future talent might need a bit of fine-tuning to bring out their full potential;
  • Develop strong leaders - so those responsible for nurturing talent aren’t just trying to get the most out of them, but coach them to make the job easier and treat them as a valued individual. Don’t let talent leave because of who they report into.
You just never know, you might start humming, 'he’s/she’s one of our own!'
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