If you are surveying your staff, you have a problem!

If you are surveying your staff, you have a problem!

Still relying on a staff satisfaction survey to support your performance development strategy?

Well, my view is very simple, don't. 

For some years many commentators have sounded the death knell of such surveys. Indeed, research three years ago showed that nearly a third of employees found them pointless with 80% believing that their manager would not act upon what came up in the survey. Moreover, nearly half felt that it did not provide an accurate assessment. 

I bet that the situation hasn't changed much in the three intervening years. I'd also put a wager on the key issues that would emerge from such a survey: Reward & Recognition; Development and Communication.

But are these symptoms or real root cause problems?

For example, take reward. Happy, challenged and engaged individuals don't tend to focus on this element. Reward becomes the focus when people aren't happy and engaged in what they do.

Having to survey your staff tells you you're not connected with them. Surely that's the role of the line manager! So how do you break this cycle, how do you create a relationship and capability in your leadership and management to get staff engaged and listened to daily?

Imagine the world where…

  • Individuals had the clarity of what "great" looks like for their role, the experience (Knowledge, skills and behaviours) they need to perform.
  • Where they are in the driving seat and able to assess their strengths and weakness
  • Where they are empowered and equipped to select the development that would best support them to grow
  • Where development is cultural, social and timely
  • Where they can see the experience required to pursue aspirational roles in the organisation and can develop these in the safety of their own role.
  • And where their manager is a coach and mentor who knows their strengths and weakness and works alongside them to help them grow

Now ask yourself, if you had this across your organisation, why would you need a survey?
Don't treat symptoms, treat the cause.

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